Breaking the Impossible

  In college, one of my best friends (we'll call her Donut for anonymity) is reading 'The Lovely Bones' in English. I used to love this book, the grief and unity mixing together in one great novel making  my heart burst with different emotions. So, I thought I would read along with Donut. 
I got about a chapter in, and I just couldn't do it anymore. Recent experiences made it impossible for me to pick up the book and read more than a page at a time. Now, very few people know about these experiences, and I like it that way. But it can make it really hard to handle when I'm being affected.

Five months ago, after my experience, my old friends turned against me. My life, while I was already struggling to stop myself from falling, turned into one massive car crash, with no way to press the brakes or stop the pile up. I had just one person left, but that boy was all the strength I needed to push back on the crash that had become my mind. I had a month left of school, and then my GCSEs would be over, and I could decide what to do next.
I thought it would be impossible to be happy again. But I broke that impossible. I moved schools (which I absolutely recommend if you're struggling to be happy where you are) for my A Levels, I made friends within the first two days, which was a big ball of anxiety inside of me when I made the decision, and I am still able to balance my social life, my school life, my friendships and my boyfriend. 
I still struggle with my experiences, but I think slowly I am breaking down the wall between memories and happiness, with the help of everyone around me, including people who have no idea.
I am breaking the impossible, how can you?

Geeky Girl xx