The Nightmare that is Our Society

Our society. A killer in it's own right. Dressed up as a Queen rather than a muderous villain.
This is what flits into my mind the second I hear the word. Society. Cringe-worthy and terrifying at the same time. When other people think of being one big family with one another, I think nightmare.

Our society used to be split into two. People who believed in capitalism, and people who believe in socialism. This is still present today, but with a much fuzzier line. A lot of people believe in both, thinking that some situations need a capitalism attitude, and others socialism. Other people say they believe one, but their actions show differently. This - the cause of my nightmare views - is what makes life bad.

Children, teenagers and adults alike are all judged. Making it worse, the criticisms and hate are coming at them from all directions, from each other. Fashion, beauty, personality, grades, interests. All judged. All. The. Time. Media strikes at a celebrity, anyone with any similarities as them get knocked down too. People who don't wear designer brands, or don't listen to the popular music, get bullied or left out of society. This is bad. But this isn't changing.

If we stand together to fight this society that belongs in a horror film, we can gain a better and brighter future, as cheesy as that sounds. And that is what will make our lives happier and better. Innocent children gaining horrific mental illnesses due to them being mistreated because of society will stop. Adults being forced out of work because of the stress it causes being in them, will stop. 

So all I ask of you is this. Just think. Think about how you see society. Think how you treat people. And think how you can change this. It doesn't take long, but it could make one hell of a difference.

Just think.

Geek Girl xx

Authors note: Please feel free to get in touch on social media or my email. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, or if you have any thoughts on this topic. Thanks!!